Well, I am a little over due at posting our results for this year, but here they are. We had a few setbacks at Memorial Park. Some of our boxes had been vandalized and had to be replaced. Our houses at the Clarence Senior Center proved to be a haven for the dreaded House Sparrow. We also had one of our volunteers out for medical reasons, which left us a little short on staff.

Summary Box2014

Even with all of that we still were able to aid in the fledging of 34 birds, 21 of which were Bluebird. This year we had a 46.15% success rate for our beautiful Bluebirds.

Summary Box2014B

I was incredibly lucky to enlist the help of my two teens, in collecting data with me. This gave my oldest the ability to earn some community service hours for high school. Because of this, I will make sure fliers are up at the school this next spring. This is a great opportunity for our youth to get involved and have some fun in nature.

A huge thanks to all who volunteered this year; we would not be able to do this without you. Your personal dedication and compassion make this endeavor successful. So as you snuggle up this winter and enjoy the season, you can feel proud that we have made a positive impact on the Bluebird population. Cheers.