Nest Box Plans

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Here are some plans for building an Eastern Bluebird Nest Box. You can download a copy by clicking the image or this link. You can also purchase an approved nest box from the NYSBS For Sale page with their order form. Please read the important information below.


“If you build it, they will come, but your job has just begun.”

Please be a good Bluebird steward. If you intend on building a nest box and want to set it up, make sure you follow these tips.

Mount the nest box:

  • On a metal post in suburban/rural areas
  • In open fields with scattered young trees with sparse or low vegetation to see and catch insects
  • Away from brushy/woody areas, farms, and barns
  • 4-5’ above the ground
  • With opening away from prevailing winds
  • Preferably facing a tree, shrub, or fencepost 100’ away for fledglings to fly to
  • 100 yards apart

Once the nest box is in position, monitor it regularly. Visit the box and inspect it for maintenance, invasive species, and pests. If you are unable to find a suitable habitat for the nest box or are unable to monitor it, consider donating it to your local Bluebird Trail.

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