Yep, spring is in the air; and that means warmer temperatures, rain and nest box upgrades. We planned to install additional boxes late last year, but had to wait for our Buffalo ground to thaw. Now, with spring’s squishy soil, we were finally able to place the boxes, some new and some improved.

  • Memorial Parkspring-rain

This site originally had seven boxes, but since our vandalism debacle, we had to reorganize. We took some time, in between periods of rain, to re-install one of the boxes we lost last year. The area has shown promise in the past, so we hope to get some good results from this placement.

  • Peanut Line

We installed three new boxes farther down our beloved Clarence Bike Trail. Open farmland and select mature trees, offer a great location for these nest boxes. Even though they are slightly off the beaten path, our volunteers are happy to sacrifice the extra walking to monitor them.

  • Clarence Town Library

The day has come, and we finally received permission to install boxes at our local library. The Director, Monica Mooney, has been supportive in our effort, and we have installed two new boxes on the library grounds. We are planning to fit one nest box with a nest box camera so we can have a live feed of activity broadcasted in the building. If you happen to be there dropping off books, take a look, but please keep your distance so we don’t disturb any nesting attempts.

So, a new round of monitoring begins and we are off to a good start with eighteen boxes in five sites. Let the nesting begin!