We had our first meeting of 2017, but that doesn’t mean the birds waited for us. Even before we sat down to discuss plans for some of our boxes and review our previous year’s stats, the birds were busy making nests and laying eggs. The weather has been nice, so I can’t blame them. The birds got a head start on us, and we have to play catch up.

We temporarily reduced the number of our nest boxes. House Sparrows inundated the two at the local library, so we wanted to prevent them from using them. As soon as we find a new location for them, we will let you know.

Our crew has been checking boxes and making repairs where necessary. Some of them received damage during the winter, but we have a few extra on hand for just such an emergency. When we check the boxes, we sometimes get lucky and spot some Bluebirds courting. I didn’t have that kind of luck, but I did get some beautiful photos of one on his nestbox.

I was lucky that he held still long enough for me to take the shots. He flew off right after, but it allowed me to check the box and count the three eggs in the nest without disturbing him. With a little more luck, I should be able to get some pictures of the young in two weeks. Keep your wings crossed.