January 16, 2019 | Posted in:Updates

Since we changed the name of our organization to honor our founder the late Len Anderson,  we had to make a few changes to our site. Of course, that meant we also had to change our logo.

I was able to apply the changes to our old logo without modifying the theme.

Len Anderson Memorial Bluebird Trail logo with bluebird sitting on the letter "l" of bluebird.

This new logo will display on our site, pamphlets, and most importantly, the signage on the nest boxes that we monitor.

The signs contain contact information in case someone finds the nest box damaged or if they are interested in helping our organization.

A. T. Baron

Angela T. Baron is a Zoology major, children's book author and illustrator, and Bluebird Ambassador for the New York State Bluebird Society. She joined The Len Anderson Memorial Bluebird Trail (formerly The Clarence Bluebird Trail) to help out her community and local wildlife. She enjoys birding and photography when she is not busy writing or illustrating, and has taken on the task of logging our nest box data and keeping the website running smoothly. You can find out more about her writing at www.atbaron.com

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