This last week has been very busy around the nest boxes. We now have an additional nest box at the Senior Center. Our first nest box continually shows signs of House Sparrows. They build their nests faster than we can evict them. You should remember that the House Sparrow is an invasive species and very hostile to docile nesting birds like the Eastern Bluebird.

We have had other birds use our nest boxes that we do not evict, since they are not invasive. Currently, a Black-capped Chickadee has a home on the Bike Path. The last box check revealed six tiny eggs. Tree Swallows have taken up residence in another box, but there are no eggs at this time. We do have a nest box with a happy Bluebird family residing on the Bike Path. They now have two new nestlings and the last egg should hatch soon.

Many of the nest boxes at Memorial Park have Bluebirds nesting in them and some contain eggs. One box has had a clutch of five eggs for a while and we just received word that we have five nestlings. With nestlings growing in the Nest boxes, we will have to keep a close eye on them. Parasites, like the Blowfly, can devastate the nestlings.

Thanks to the volunteers that check on our boxes, we should see some great success this year. We hope to bring you some pictures of our new avian tenants in the future.