We are coming close to the end of the summer, but nesting is still in progress. At the moment, all active nests are from House Wrens, but we still have vacancy for any Bluebirds that want to give it one more shot. Eastern Bluebirds typically have more than one successful brood per year.

Here are some of the stats for our nest boxes this year:Summary Box20150801

The number of total fledglings is more than last year (32), but not quite as grand as in 2013 (84). These numbers include all species of birds using our boxes.

Here are the numbers for Eastern Bluebirds:

Summary Box20150801B

In 2014, we had a total of 21 Bluebirds fledge, and 22 in 2013. The data shows a reduced amount, but as I mentioned before, the season is not finished.

Though we hope to increase the numbers of Eastern Bluebirds, we have been able to provide safe nesting for other species. This season has produced 20 Tree Swallow fledglings, 4 Black-Capped Chickadee fledglings, and 5 House Wren fledglings. We still have 11-13 Wrens still in the nest and 4 eggs waiting to hatch, so the numbers will increase.

We won’t have the final numbers until the end of the breeding season, but we are showing signs of completing a good year of nesting.